Terra Strata undertakes geotechnical and marine construction projects across South Africa and Southern Africa for clients from a broad selection of industries, including mining, oil & gas, transport infrastructure, building construction as well as marine, river, and dam infrastructure.

Our clients include main contractors, project managers, consulting engineers, geotechnical engineers, and clients from the public and private sector.   We offer these clients competitive, no-nonsense geotechnical construction, covering piling, lateral support, grouting and geotechnical investigations (including auger test holes and percussion test holes)


In our capacity as a piling contractor, we offer CFA, oscillator, micro, percussion, and marine piling.

  • Auger piling up to 2.000m diameter;
  • CFA piling up to 0.800m diameter;
  • Oscillator piling up to 1.500m diameter;
  • Marine piling of both sheet and tubular steel;
  • Percussion piling including Micro piles and Dolomite piles 150-457mm diameter; and
  • Limited headroom piling with the minimum completed to date 2.400m headroom.

Latest Projects

Structural Piling to Anderson Street

Terra Strata returned to the Anderson Street project to undertake the structura…

Piling to National Route 2, for SANRAL

In this transport infrastructure piling project, located on the N2 (km 0.00 to…

Piling project at Barlowpark

Terra Strata installed a total of 540 piles, ranging from 450mm to 900mm diamet…

Lateral support

We offer lateral support solutions for all geological conditions encountered and our services include bulk excavations, drilling & installing of soil nails, shotcreting and guniting.

  • TB500 and TB950 soil nails;
  • Multi strand post tensioned cable anchors;
  • Resin bolts for the mining sector; and
  • TITAN or DURASET self-drilling lateral support.

Latest Projects

Lateral Support to Anderson Street basement

Terra Strata undertook the lateral support for a 15m deep basement excavation i…

Slope Stabilisation to National Route 3, for N3TC

Terra Strata completed the Van Reenen’s Pass slope stabilisation project for it…

Mall of Africa – lateral support wall

Terra Strata constructed the Mall of Africa’s 13.5 metre high lateral support w…

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Marine construction and piling

Our marine infrastructure solutions include various types of marine piling, marine furniture, and ancillary works.

  • Sheet & tubular piling
  • Marine furniture (fenders, bollards, wooden fenders), and
  • General marine construction.

Latest Projects

Port of East London

This marine infrastructure project, undertaken for TRANSNET commenced in June 2…

Compaction and consolidation grouting

Our grouting expertise extends to grouting to sinkholes, dams, and rehabilitation projects.

  • Dolomitic compaction/consolidation of sinkholes;
  • Curtain grouting for dams; and
  • Consolidation grouting for rehabilitation projects.

Latest Projects

Time Square, Menlyn

Terra Strata completed Phase 1 and 2 of a lateral support project for Sun Inter…


This fifteen-week lateral support project undertaken for WBHO/Menlyn Maine incl…

Brooklyn Apartments

This thirteen-week programme saw Terra Strata install one-hundred-and-two 600mm…