Piling to National Route 2, for SANRAL

Piling to National Route 2, for SANRAL HEro



In this transport infrastructure piling project, located on the N2 (km 0.00 to km 2.00: Grootbrak), and undertaken for SANRAL, Terra Strata’s scope of work, included:

  • Construction of temporary access road/ramps/platforms along the slope, to provide construction access.
  • Installation of a total of 564 concrete rotary percussion piles (610mm diameter) at varying levels.
  • Construction of a reinforced, square (760x760mm) capping beam to tie the pile heads together in each row.
  • Installation of 3,5m high, shallow land slide fences, capable of resisting dynamic impacts of at least 150kPa, and with a minimum impact absorption of 500kJ, installed immediately above the upper pile.

98% accuracy was required for the soil nails and gabion positioning, and the completed slope stabilisation project is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

By adjusting the initial design, which required cutting into the road to instal the soil nails, Terra Strata minimised any damage to the road, while making the best possible use of the limited working space on the project. This further lessened the environmental impact of the project.



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July 10, 2023