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Competitive, no-nonsense geotechnical and marine construction

About Terra Strata

Terra Strata is a Level 4 BEE contractor that provides innovative, professional and cost-effective construction services within the geotechnical and marine construction field, including piling, lateral support, grouting and geotechnical investigations.

The cornerstones of our enterprise are our outstanding quality, workmanship and safety standards, as well as a reputation for delivering projects on time.

We are pro-active contractors who are flexible and willing to adapt to our clients’ requirements. Our innovative methodology and fresh approach include project costings that translate into a lower risk to our client.

We are committed to providing a quality product at the right price in the required timeframe, and to this end we will not submit a tender unless we are confident that the correct resources will be available at the right time to complete any given project we undertake.

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Our Services

We offer clients competitive, no-nonsense geotechnical construction, covering piling, lateral support, grouting and geotechnical investigations. Our geotechnical scope includes:

Our People

We employ a broad spectrum of skills that enable us to offer our clients the highest levels of efficient service. Our staff undergoes regular formal and informal training to ensure their personal growth requirements as well as to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of all of our geotechnical services.

Our site teams range from contracts managers and engineers through to SHEQ experts and trained operators who all work closely together to ensure on time, within budget delivery of our contracts.

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Plant & Equipment

We own a full complement of reliable plant and equipment that is maintained in-house. Furthermore, we continually acquire modern equipment to ensure our geotechnical fleet remains in line with current technology.

Our major items of construction equipment include:

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