Environmental: groundwater seepage control

Environmental- deep groundwater seepage control drains and barriers



Terra Strata completed the construction of deep groundwater seepage control drains and barriers for a speciality chemicals company  in Newcastle comprising:

Line C: Construction of a 233 metre long, ten to 13.5 metres deep cut-off drain:

  • The drain was constructed by drilling a series of secant 1050mm diameter piles, backfilled with alternating concrete and drainage material (filter sand) to form a continuous drain.
  • The sand filled piles were lined with a geotextile sock which ranged between ten to 13.5 metres deep.
  • Extraction wells were installed in various sections along the line comprising a geotextile lined, 19mm stone filled hole with a central perforated pipe.

Line D: Construction of a 160 metre long by four- to eleven metres deep cut-off barrier and drain:

  • The cut-off barrier was constructed by installing a continuous row of sheet piles to refusal depth up to 11.5 metres.
  • A 4.5 metre deep geotextile lined drain was installed in front of the sheet pile barrier and filled with drainage material (19mm stone).
  • Perforated extraction points were installed along the drainage line.



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July 10, 2023